Rabuta & Peace

Rabuta & Peace on the cover of Shōnen Jump

Rabuta & Peace is a manga written by Akito Takagi and the original idea and art by Shiratori Shun.


Rabuta & Peace follows the life of a boy whom has a close relationship with his trusted dog, Peace. He discovers Peace is not ordinary, in that he is intelligent and can "read" the nature of people, but is unable to speak.


The main theme in Rabuta & Peace is the friendship between people and animals.


Rabuta: A young boy who resembles Shiratori and the owner of Peace

Peace: A big white dog and the companion of Rabuta. He is based and named after Shiratori's dog Peace.


  • The original story was written by Shiratori Shun, but after many consultations with Akito, during a meeting with Hattori, he chose to credit Akito as the writer. Although Akito initially wrote for both Rabuta & Peace and PCP, he eventually worked with Shun so that he could take over the series on his own.
  • Rabuta & Peace is eventually canceled, although Shun is optimistic about creating a new series.
  • Rabuta & Peace came in 16th in the 2nd "Manga" Popularity Poll, tying with Saint Visual Girls Academy.

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