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Tatsuro Kosugi was the editor of Nanamine Tooru, and the newest member of JUMP's Editorial Department.



Kosugi sports chin-length black hair and thick-framed glasses. He is timid at first glance, but upholds high ideals of what manga should be, breaking down when he tells Hattori that the mangaka he works with is using unscrupulous means to make his manga. He even admits that he read a lot of manga and did research on his own.

Kosugi disagrees with his mangaka's means of generating manga or ideas for his manga. He is apparently the first editor to feel any sense of relief at his mangaka's decrease in position, due to Nanamine's means to make manga.

Plot OutlineEdit

Classroom of TruthEdit

Kosugi at first feels fortunate that he has Nanamine as his mangaka, since Nanamine exhibits both a workable personality and a talent for manga. When he realizes that Nanamine has uploaded Classroom of Truth online after it did not get 1st in the Treasure Award, Kosugi angrily tells Nanamine to take it off.

Eventually, Kosugi, who gets the feeling as though he really wasn't being much of an editor for Nanamine, discovers Nanamine's means of using the internet to get completed ideas for his manga. Kosugi is forced to compromise when Nanamine threatens to go to another magazine, and leaves, bowled over by the mangaka's manipulation.

Kosugi eventually admits to Hattori that he felt compromised over Nanamine's methods, and is told to stand his ground. He does so and manages to endure having his ideas compromised, even getting Nanamine angry when the latter states that his manga was just too advanced for the readers to comprehend.


  • Kosugi resembles Mikami Teru's middle school and high school image. Mikami was Light Yagami's most loyal and most capable follower in Death Note.
  • He also resembles PCP's main character, Makoto Doumoto in Perfect Crime mode.
  • He was the only editor (except Yoshida) to punch his manga artist for something futile.
  • In the anime ending, he becomes +Natural editor for Iwase and excitingly states that he has bunch of story ideas to competing with Takagi, which makes her impressed.

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