Chapter 143
God dammit Nanamine! You never learn do you?! I'm kinda dissappointed to see him back, it feels like they're recycling the same antagonist (get it? recycling?). It would have been much more refreshing if we got to see another antagonist. It's entirely the same like last time, but now he doesn't put himself in the open and he gathers his slaves in person. And then he hires some ugly manager with a bad haircut... I don't like him. Nothing really happened in this chapter, only the revelation what everyone was thinking: one mastermind writer behind all the veteran artists. I didn't expect it to be so big however, I kinda pictured it that the writer would have a shabby, dark office and that he would be like a dealer, selling stories for a percent of the profit. But now it's in this big building with him paying his employees big money. The perfect solution would be an all-out battle of Team Fukuda against Nanamine and his slaves (like I said last time), with a lot of guns, explosions and fighting. But of course, this is Bakuman. and they will settle it with a battle of manga. Again. You may have noticed it, but I don't like this story arc...

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