Chapter 144
Bam!! After a two week wait, finally another chapter of Bakuman. And what a chapter it was.

The fact that Panty Flash Fight and that other one got 1st and 2nd place was actually pretty predictable. But then Nanamine called Shujin... HUH? I totally didn't expect that!! Who could've known that Nanamine, thàt Nanamine, will put himself in the open like that. He says something about repenting for his actions, that's bullshit. Forgive my language, but it's bullshit. Nanamine don't repent, Nanamine don't feel soory, Nanamine don't care! Anyway, he wants to show Ashirogi something.

And then we get a Nanamine flashback. Hooray! Finally, we get to see how he became so twisted. It all began in his childhood, when he read Money and Intelligence from Ashirogi and though "Hey, if money is everything, I can BUY my friend!" Yeah, that makes sense. So he asks his old man for lots and lots of money and giving that amount of money to a twelve-year old, sure why not. Bad parenting.

Comic Hustler

He's the pimp of manga

Nanamine takes them in his superdupersuperspecialawesome car to his manga-company. They go inside the tall building and 10 pages of explenation follow... That's pretty long, isn't it. 10 freakin' pages. Although it was lingering, I still thought it was really interesting. Props to Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei. And then Nanamine suddenly turns into a monster and grins evil. I liked that. It give Nanamine character. I'm beginning to like Nanamine more and more. And I totally LOL'ed at Nanamine's sweater "Comic Hustler".

Oh, and this: I've decided to do this reviewing every week, so if you read the chapter, quickly head over to the Bakuman. Wiki to read my review and comment!

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