The recent chapters were very interesting, so I thought it's more than worth it to write a short blog about.

Recently, a lot of old authors with regular drawing skills have appeared, but all with the same appealing story. I mean, it's pretty obvious that there is some genius writer behind the scenes. he's the one that first Azuma-sensei was going to and now Arai-sensei and all the others. My first thought would be that it's Nanamine, but that would be too fast, he just disappeared, for him to re-appear now would be too useless. Eiji is certainly out of the question, since he wouldn't even think about doing something like that. It's just... weird. I'm thinking of something like a secret cult where you get a storyboard from the genius writer, then you draw it and get serialized at Jump. It think it will be very interesting to see how Team Fukuda will uncover all this (because you know, you see that coming, right?).

Anyway, that was my brainstorm about the recent events, I may do something like this in the future again. Comments are always welcome.

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