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Presentation and Imagination (表現力と想像力 Hyōgenryoku to Sōzōryoku) is the tenth volume of the Bakuman series, it was released by Shueisha on October 4, 2010 in Japan and will be released by Viz Media on April 3, 2012 in English.

Volume Cover CharactersEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit

Stories IntroducedEdit


1. Dreams and Reality - 2. Chocolat and Akamaru - 3. Debut and Impatience - 4. Call and Eve - 5. Anthology and Photobooks - 6. Reckless and Guts - 7. Gag and Serious - 8. Panchira and Saviour - 9. Ability and Pride
10. Presentation and Imagination - 11. Title and Character Design - 12. Artist and Manga Artist - 13. Avid Readers and Love at First Sight - 14. Psychological Warfare and Catchphrases - 15. Encouragement and Feelings - 16. Newcomers and Veterans - 17. One-Shot Deal and Complete Story - 18. Margins and Hell - 19. Decision and Delight - 20. Dreams and Reality

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